Swimming Pool FAQS


    Swimming Pool Hazards


    What happens if you neglect your pool?

    Failure to clean and maintain your pool regularly could decrease your water disinfectant levels and allow waterborne germs to spread in the water. These germs which contaminate the pool can hamper your health with Cholera, Amebiasis, Typhoid, Diarrhea, Leptospirosis and other relevant diseases.
    Cleaning leaves float on the water or sink to the bottom of the pool is a headache that many pool owners do not like to face. These leaves fell off from the trees can cause harm to your swimming pool in two ways:

    (i) it diminishes the effectives of your pool cleaner;
    (ii) it provides nutrients for algea to grow

    What happens if you overdose your swimming pool
    with chlorine or algaecide?

    Chemical Irritation
    Chlorine-based disinfectants are frequently used for swimming pool treatment. However, if these chemicals are stored, used, or handled improperly, illness or injury can result.

    Acute adverse health effects resulting from chlorine inhalation and ingestion have been reported around the globe as severe cases of chemical irritation caused by disinfectants overdose.
      Chemical Irritation
    Algaecide" />  
    Adding too much algaecide will have a counterproductive effect of removing the existing algae. The presence of foamy pool water may be a good sign for algaecide overdose. Swimming in this unstable pH and alkalinity level can lead to eye and skin irrations!

    Swimming Pool Maintenance


    Cloudy Water 

    Does your swimming pool appear to be cloudy? It may be due to one of the following reasons:
    1) Incorrect water balance (pH value may be too high) 
    2) Filtration issue 
    3) Insufficient sanitiser 
    At A&L Pool Services, we can provide the most appropriate solution to fix your cloudy water.

    Do you know by cleaning your filter system regularly
    help to lower the running cost of your swimming pool?

    Cheaper Electricity Bill
    Follow our professional advices to get the know-how of saving energy consumption for your pool. 
    1. Regularly clean your filter system 
    Remove leaves and other objects which can impact water flow and pump efficiency.

    2. Upgrade to an energy efficient pool pump 
    Our pool maintenance specialist will provide you advice of which high energy rating pump you may choose from.
      Cheaper Electricity Bill
    Water Saving Tips  
    Water Saving Tips
    We offer a few advices to conserve water as well as reduce your water billing running the swimming pool.
    1. Check for Leaks 
    Do you know that one drip of water waste per second is equivalent to 7,000 litres of water waste in a year? Our Pool Maintenance Specialist offers thorough leak detection around your pool to ensure your pool is in the ideal condition.

    2. Cover Your Pool when Not in Used 
    Ask one of our pool maintenance specialists for recommendation of pool cover to reduce evaporation from your pool as well as reducing you water bill.